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- When you cast your vote for a panini to be added to our permanent menu, include your email address for a chance to enter into the raffle drawing.  
- To be eligible to vote and enter your email you must purchase the panini you are voting for.
- You may use the same email to cast multiple votes for one sandwich or multiple sandwiches to increase your chances of winning. You must purchase a sandwich with each vote.

-Raffle drawing will take place on May 1st.
-Winner will recieve ONE free sandwich every business day in May.
-Sandwiches cannot be saved, pooled or transferred to a different day, if you don't come in, you forfeit your freebie.
-Free sandwich can only be transferred to a friend if both winner and second party are present.
-Gluten Free sandwiches and other substiutions are not eligible.


Empty Bowls

Farmer's Market

Taste of Burien